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A Time to Kill - John Grisham 'The Pelican Brief' was the first Grisham novel i read a few months back. Even though I was not appealed by the book there was something in the writing style which caught my attention. I decided that very time that I have to read Grisham again, so I picked up this book. This has to be one of the best crime or suspense thriller book ever written by an American. Usually i don't like Americans when it comes to thrillers. They try to create too much mystery, try to attract too much attention. This not only makes the book unreal but also makes it a far too casual read. Most American readers and authors don't take thrillers seriously, for them it's casual only. But with Grisham in this book it was totally different. He had a professional manner about him, sticking to the point always and not unnecessarily trying to stir up any mystery or plot twists. Not only did he describe through the story, the law as it is, but surrounded great and real happenings outside of the courtroom as well. Most importantly this book, unlike most thriller books by American writers, was not just about a casual fiction story but it stirred up great emotions and thoughts as well. It touches your heart and makes you think about your certain prejudices. And when a thriller book does that, it has to be a top read. What better than a book which thrills you throughout and still leaves you with a moral dilemma?More review to follow. . . .