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A Boy Called Hopeless: A David Melton Novel - David Melton, Todd Melton I read it a long time ago. I didn't even remember it. But just today I don't know how that phrase came to my mind and I remembered this book. I don't remember it clearly but it was indeed a very very good book. It tells the story of a boy who is born abnormal and couldn't do most things which normal human beings could do. The family in which he was born was a bit distorted, people didn't like each other much. But after the birth of this boy everybody was affectionate to him. Everybody cared for him, love him and did everything for him. Soon unknowingly the rest of the family members started to love each other as well and The Hopeless Boy became A Miraculous Boy.It is a well written story showing how much a brain injured person suffers along with their family. This book tells you that people who are brain injured can get better and can overcome this setback. Good for parents of recently diagnosed children, as well as siblings trying to understand why their disabled brother or sister needs so much attention and love!