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The Girl Who Played with Fire - Stieg Larsson After reading the 1st book I said that I couldn't understand the hype behind this series. Well I can understand it now. This book was outstanding and surprisingly enough its a 5 star book with countless flaws. I won't go into the details of the flaws because that might contain spoilers as well and also make this review too long which I don't want. All I want to say not just this book but the whole series could have been a lot better had Larsson been alive at the time of its publication. The Translator, The Editing Team and all the others involved in the commercialism part of this book have messed it up again but Larsson's writing was so good that the book still deserved 4-5 stars. Many people said me that if I had not like the 1st book then I shouldn't read the second because both are quite similar. I would have listened to them and not read this but fortunately enough I had bought the whole series together so I had to read this one. After reading this book what I found is that only the main theme is same but the 2 books are totally different. But yes you got to read the 1st book before reading this because the first 200 pages or so are continued from the 1st part with some extra details. And that is understandable because we know that we are reading a series.Unlike the 1st book the second half of this book was much better. The plot in the 1st book was easily the best I have ever read in any crime/mystery book. But sadly that book fell a victim to some good 'fucking' commercialism. As I mentioned above this book also has been a victim of commercialism and could have been a lot better than it is originally. But Larsson was a couple of steps ahead in this book than in the previous one. His writing skills in this book can only be matched by very few authors alive. He explains everything in detail and involves many things and many characters in just one book. The more you read the more your head buzzes off. You just can't keep a whole track of things, he makes it that much confusing but at the same moment interesting as well.The book continuing mostly from the 1st book with some extra details. Some might say that the extra details weren't necessary but I would say that they were necessary because this is not a individual book but a part of a series. What I think is that when one is reading a series it should take the whole series into consideration while rating or reviewing it rather than taking each book separately. It was a slow beginning for this book describing the effects of the Wennerstrom affair and its effects in whole of Sweden and how big a celebrity Blomkvist became because. The characters were defined more briefly especially Salander's past was exposed really well. And then finally the most important thing was the atmosphere surrounding Millennium.A new freelancer was applied to Millennium and he brought in a whole new issue-sex trade which Blomkvist thought would create another sensation for Millennium. Blomkvist and the whole of Millennium gave their full heart to this new project and that was where a new plot began. That was where this book catched up. That was the point from where you couldn't stop yourself reading, it was a serious page turner.The more you read the more characters developed, the wider the story expanded, it was just enthralling. I wish I could write in detail about it but that would disturb the plot who have just read the 1st book.The plot was very much believable. Sex Trade. Being an Indian it was not much harder for me to grasp it because Sex Trafficking or Human Trafficking as it is called in India happens a lot. Girls are bought from the under-developed eastern states and are soled to much developed northern and western India. There are crime shows which run at night time and mostly their subject is about Human Trafficking. And Larsson has described it brilliantly. The circle is so big that you don't know where is the starting and where is the ending point. It seems like a big chain never ending almost. The whole story of the book revolved around it although there were many more things the writer brought out such as a couple of murders, mystery behind the murderer, false accusation for the murderer and the most outstanding thing was character development. The character development was so good that that was the essence of this book. Another thing which made this book much more interesting that it always had a thrill. It always kept you turning pages and resisting to put it down. You feel as if you were moving along with the characters, the plot was so good. Everything that the characters do you feel like you are doing it yourself and that was why it was even more believable. I won't say that everything was flawless, instead there were many flaws but all of those flaws were in the editing and translation, not in the writing. Remember that this was originally a Swedish book and Larsson wasn't a writer, he was a journalist who had a jist for writing crime.I don't know what more to write in this review, I am totally confused at the moment probably in a few days I would update it further. All I want to say to the ones who have read the 1st book and have not read further is that please read it, don't miss it. And to the ones you haven't yet started with this series I would like to say that read the triology on a go. Don't hesitate in grabbing all the 3 books and most importantly don't put a gap in your reading, read each book at a go if possible. The 2 books which have read in the series uptil now were jaw dropping, had these books been edited better and not be a victim of commercialism than it would certainly have been the best crime books ever. Please guys read this seriously and in the end I would sayHATS OFF, MR. LARSSON. FUCK OFF THE EDITOR, THE TRANSLATOR AND ALL THE OTHERS INVOLVED IN THE COMMERCIALISM.