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Master Of The Game - Sidney Sheldon The quality of writing was good but the story was not so good to be honest. This was my first Sydney Sheldon book recommended to me by my cousin. I liked his writing but didn't like the story that much. My first thought was the book would be a thriller and full of mysteries & twists which will make the reader turn pages. It is actually that way from the start but as you move on reading slowly slowly you know whats coming next. So the charm and thrill is not there anymore. The first half was really good but the second half of the book not so good because you just knew then whats gonna happen everytime. The end was not so good. I thought EVE should have been given a more severe punishment for her sins.The character which I didn't like the most was the one on which the whole book was based i.e. KATE. She was the one who I thought did more wrong then even EVE. She first betrayed her husband(David, as she thought but actually he was almost double her age and love someone else) into false illusions and then did the same to her son TONY. All this for just her company and inheritance. I would not write to disturb the story for the ones who read this.In the end I would say the quality of writing was good but the story not at all good. I hope the other books of Sydney Sheldon have good stories although I am not gonna read him for quite sometime now