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Spud - John van de Ruit The book I read had 309 Pages in PaperbackFor the first about 100 pages I thought this book was fully hilarious and I had 5 stars in my mind. But it got a little boring after halfway through as the same jokes were being repeated and I thought there was a lack of creativity from the writer. So for the next 150 pages from 5 stars I had come down to 3 stars for this book. But thanks to the last few pages of the book that I was caught with some good creativeness and the book went to a different level. The hilarious book almost made you cry. And hence I decided it to rate 4 stars.Talking about the book:I usually borrow books from the library rather than buying it because I don't have much savings. But since this book was not available in the library I had to buy it. I wouldn't say that I regretted buying this book but at the same time I didn't cherish it either. NEGATIVES:-1) The book began with total hilarity but then due to the same jokes and stories being repeated again and again it made me boredom.2) Very few dialogues were used in the book. I think a few more good memorable dialogues would have made this book even more brilliant, albeit it is already brilliant.POSITIVES:-1) Had a mixture of both simple and vulgar jokes. And every jokes and stories were believable. I myself have spent 2 years in hostel life away from home so I can understand what goes around with boys there.2) The secret to success to some extent of a book are its Characters. All the characters in this book(apart from Pike) were enjoyable no matter how good or bad roles they played. Wombat was the best of them all though. I also pretty much liked some of the other characters like MadDog, Gecko, Spud & The Guv.3) There is atleast a smile if not laughter throughout the whole book.Whether I would like to read next part of the series?A: Yes, I would definitely but I had like to get it from the library rather than buying it. This book is not as bad as not reading the next part of it and at the same time its not as good as saving some money and specially buying it. Every young boy should read it atleast once but you also got to make sure that if you don't have much money to buy books than there are better books than this available in the market.