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Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress - Dan Brown No matter what people want to say about Dan Brown or his books or hatred towards him you got to admire the fact that what he brings to the table no one else does.This was the book which brought me to the beautiful world of books. Before reading this book I though reading was a bit cissy and a waste of time since everything is fictional, why not better read some spiritual/self help and knowledge books. After reading this book everything changed, I started to read more and more fiction and today books have become one of the most important parts of my life all thanks to this books.Today I have read all of Dan Brown books apart from Angels & Demons but this book remains to be my favorite. I agree that he is not a great writer and uses the same formula in every of his books, not versatile at all. But he holds a special place and I will always hold a special place in my bookshelf because of the reasons I mentioned above.