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Five Point Someone: What Not to Do at IIT - Chetan Bhagat A lot of hype is there about Chetan Bhagat and his books. But I would say Chetan Bhagat is no writer. He doesn't know to write properly. Books beginning are great, character introduction is awesome but, story is funny and seems to be good but the end is so pathetic and senseless that it leads nowhere and ruins the whole interest. About the writings of Chetan Bhagat I would say he's an average writer.Its like paying Rs. 200 for a good Hindi Movie but when you go its not even average (full poor jokes, pjs & senseless story). I always heard good Chetan Bhagat but I have not been impressed by any one of his booksAs far as 5 Point Someone is concerned I love this book only because it reminds me of my favorite movie '3 IDIOTS' (A film which is closely related to my life and brings out tears of my eyes whenever I watch it). And thats the reason why I have given it a high rating.