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The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown This book disappointed me so much that i don't have words to describe it. This book was very anticipated for me. I wanted to read it desperately. My first Dan Brown book was Digital Fortress. After reading it I was left intrigue and breathless and there was a reason for it. It was a page turner, you didn't quite know what would happen next, you just want to know, you want to finish it and get to the end. And when you actually finish it, you are just left with two things: First is speechless because of the twists and the unexpected mysteries. Its so good Second is after ending it you feel like why did it actually end? You wish it should have gone on forever. The ending of any book according to me what makes a book good or bad or excellent or flop whatever you want to rate it. The ending of Digital Fortress was simply ........ i don't know what to say (I would recommend everyone to read that book). After reading that book I decided to read every of Dan Brown's book.Coming back to this book (The Lost Symbol): I won't waste much time in describing this. This book was simply a waste of time. It didn't had any qualities of Digital Fortress I mentioned above. Nor was it mysterious. The book just went on with one single dimension and single pace, not a page turner at all. Where it started, it ended there itself. Everything was quite predictable and not because I have read Dan Brown before but because everything kept repeating itself.Ending as I mentioned above is a most important part of every book. Well this book has a rather foolish ending. I am mentioning it again this book is not a mystery by any means. And the ending just describes that. It has a philosophical end which what makes it even worse. Because what this book meant to end and describe could have been described even in 100-200 pages. It doesn't need a long boring story because it is philosophical not mysterious. After ending this book I just felt why did I even finish it or why did I even bought it? I won't recommend any one to read this book, especially not if you are a Dan Brown lover just as I am. Because if you are a DB lover than this book will just give you a false impression of his writing skills. The use of a large amount of symbols and conspiracy buzzwords does not excuse one from having to actually write a compelling story. The "twist" in this books was easily visible hundreds of pages out and didn't surprise a single person I know who read the book. I had very high hopes for this book as but it seems almost as if this particular book has no real defined style.Last but not the least. I would still say that being hugely disappointed by this book I would still read rest of his books because I still respect him as a writer and that he left me speechless in his first book. That book was enough for me to judge this DB's writing skills. Just the thing is this book is an exception. The entire book seems rushed and forced like the publishing company just told Mr. Brown that he had to write a new book, whether he had a good idea or not. Turns out... he did not. All in all, reading this book was like finding out that the girl of your dreams in high school... is now a manI would finally conclude that I would still read rest of DB's books but not with the same anticipation and hopes as I started reading this book.