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3 Lives: In search of bliss - Srini Chandra I got this book from Free Giveaways Section on this site. I thank Mr. Srini Chandra for delivering the book properly and on time.ABOUT THE BOOK:Even though Philosophy is not my thing I would still say that if it is written in an entertaining fictional manner it can be one of my favourite genres. Unfortunately I found this book like most of the Philosophy books. Just like most of the Philosophical Books I found this book too boring and a lot more demanding and appealing rather than provoking and inspiring. And the reason for boreness is usually the same. The first reason is that it is too much filled of quotes and less about story or fiction. Messages are tried to deliver through quotes and not through the story, story is not centralized properly. If I just take out the quotes from this book than it would make a short 'Book of Quotes' itself. You can have so many quotes but then the stories have to be longer as well. The stories in this book were way too short, should have been elaborated. The book was just 148 Pages and each page just had 15-20 lines on an average. There was one Philosophy book Jennie Gerhardt which I read, which was filled with a nice number of quotes as well but it was fictional philosophy and the story was lengthy enough for the message to be delivered more through the story rather than the quotes. I not only liked that book pretty much but also gasped in the message.If the story or stories in this book would have been lengthy enough than I would have certainly loved it and rated it 5 stars because the message delivered was really beautiful. The lives of all the 3 persons on whom this book is surrounded should have been elaborated a lot more. The stories were way too short.The writing style of this book was a bit different though for which I would like to praise the author. The writing style was a bit like the popular book The Alchemist which I didn't like much as well. People those who liked the Alchemist would certainly like this book as well.Another reason why I didn't rate it higher was because I don't agree with quite a few concepts or theories mentioned by the writer in this. Although the main message is clear that Happiness shouldn't be found but rather happiness is around us and we should just give it enough space to find us there were many other theories which the writer has left us confused with. I won't mention all of those concept/theories in this review because then it would be very lengthy but I would surely welcome those who want to share it and I would share it with the writer as well if he doesn't mind it.Finally I would say that this was not a book of my type. I firmly believe that Philosophical to deliver a message and to be provoking and inspiring have got to have more of a fiction in them and the stories have got to be long enough to be entertained or atleast not get bored. Philosophy books which deliver message mostly through quotes can not only be boring but demanding as well.