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Love, Peace and Happiness: What more can you want? - Rituraj Verma I got this book from the Free giveaways section on GR. I thank the writer very much for delivering the book on time.ABOUT THE BOOK:This was my first attempt at any book which is made up of a collection of short stories. Like most people I would say that its a bit unfair and difficult to rate these books because you feel that every story should be rated differently as you find some good and some bad. The same was with me, I found a couple of stories worth giving 5 Stars and a few others just 1 Star. I particularly like The Practioner of Austerity But at the end of the day I would say that short stories are not the type I liked. Usually I would prefer a bit long fiction stories as my choice and not short fictions. I don't have much against the writer because it is understandable that in short stories the ending can be a bit absurd and unpleasant as was the case with this book. The endings were sudden, like a train is running at good speed and then suddenly comes to an instant stop. This was the thing I didn't like mostly about this book.