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Deception Point - Dan Brown Before I read this book I didn't used to understand why people hate Dan Brown so much? Why they call him the most over rated writer? After reading this book I have the answer.Dan just doesn't want to keep it straight forward and simple. He wants to go extreme with everything. The plot is extreme - A NASA discovery about a meteorite suggesting extraterrestrial life.The characters are extreme - The Senator who is a candidate for Presidency and his daughter Rachel Sexton, Michael Tolland – an oceanographer and television celebrity-scientist, Corky Marlinson – A world renowned astrophysist, William Pickering – Director of the NRO, Lawrence Erkstorm- Administrator of NASA, Marjorie Tench- Senior Adviser to the President etc... and most importantly The President himself is a important part of the story.The science is extreme. Dan Brown introduces you with equipments, tools, vehicles, planes, ships you have never even heard of.And this extremeness goes on and on in everything he writes in the book.The thing I hated the most in the book was the science. I can take the plot into consideration once, the characters could be taken into consideration as well but speaking honestly I didn't understood a single science in this book and I am pretty sure that anybody who is not a part of NASA won't be able to understand this. I even doubt that some science he has mentioned in the book even exists, that might also be a fiction along with the story. Wherever there was science mentioned I just went through the parts of the book without getting anything into my head.I don't know what to write, I just hated this book. I have not liked any of the two Dan Brown book's ever since I read [b:Digital Fortress|11125|Digital Fortress|Dan Brown|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1360095966s/11125.jpg|40195]. And this book surely has to bring an end to my Dan Brown reading. I loath myself for having buying this book.All I would suggest to Dan is just keep it simple. Big Mystery + High Official Characters + Code to Solve + OMG TRAITOR WITH TWISTED MOTIVES doesn't necessarily make a book successful. The basics remain the same, people should understand what you are writing.