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The Shining - Stephen King My first Stephen King novel.What a complete waste....? What a complete waste of a brilliant plot and even more better setting for a horror novel.Even though I have not read many horror novels before I can say one thing for sure that the book started (The setting & the plot) as well as any horror novel could. A mystery hotel in the outskirts of a city which is totally covered with snow throughout the whole winter and traveling from part to the other is almost forbidden. For for 6 months the hotel has to be kept closed, but you need a caretaker for winter. Enter Jack Torrance as the winter caretaker with his wife Wendy and one kid Danny who has the "shine" in him, the power to foresee the future, know the past and also know the feelings of people around him. The regular chef Mr. Hallorann tells them especially Wendy about the kitchen and food items which would help them last the 6 months. As everybody else he leaves the hotel for the winter. The Manger Mr. Ullman gives Jack the grand tour of the hotel and he leaves the hotel as well leaving Jack Torrance and his family alone for the whole winter to take care of the hotel. Once the snow starts to fall the only way Jack can be in contact with his family is a radio which he eventually breaks in frustration one day.So this was the setting and the plot. Uptil this point the book had 5 stars written all over it. Uptil this point the book hooked me totally grasping me in it, not allowing me to put it down no matter how hard I felt asleep. Even though at this point there were a few pages which I didn't understood at all, still the book held me and I went on with the story. But then things just started to go downhill and unfortunately never improved until the very end. The horror part was what Mr. King didn't wrote well in this novel. Everything went on as predicted and the same things kept repeating like Danny entering the room 217 despite Mr. Hallorann telling him not to and getting frozed seeing a dead body in there. Danny then going to the playground as well again Mr. Hallorann had told him not to do so, and then seeing the topiary animals chasing after him. All these things were quite predictable. We knew that Mr. Hallorann had forbidden Danny to do a few things he would still be tempted to do them. What was worse that despite seeing such a horrified state of Danny, both Wendy and Jack were willing to leave him wander about in the hotel alone. I really wasn't shook and felt horror at any point in the book apart from the start 150 or so pages which really had just the setting and introduction.Another one of the things I didn't like was the constant flashbacks the characters. He stretched the book with some really inconsequential and irrelevant scenes. For ex:- Just as jack was climbing the stairs he remembered a incident when his father did so and so... and Mr. King would go on to describe that whole flashback incident which Jack felt which actually had no relevance at all to the main story. And this same thing Mr. King kept repeating with every character, time and again. And hardly any of those incidents or flashbacks had any bearing to the main story. It just took the zip of the main story as if you were reading two different stories in one book. And that was the main reason why in the mid part of the book you felt really boring. The conclusion would be I guess Mr. King himself or may be his editors didn't do a proper job and made a mess of a wonderful plot and a brilliant set up for a horror book. If this is what people say Stephen King's best horror book then I am sorry to say I don't plan him to read again any time soon. Though I have a copy of Misery which was recommended to me by my GR friend Dave who said that I would like it and that it should have been my first King novel. Maybe I should have just listened to him and bought Misery first before borrowing this book from the library.