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They Call Me... Montey Greene - A. R. Yoba I got this novel through GoodReads Giveaways section. [a:A.R. Yoba|6437748|A.R. Yoba|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1342893393p2/6437748.jpg] was kind enough to send it in just a few days from US to me in India. I would like to thank him for that.Montey Greene is a relaxed paced novel. Even though its a thriller its not totally action packed and fast pace. This could be explainable because its just the first book of a Trilogy. And I think as far as being the first book is concerned it was quite a book, also it was the first book of the said author. First book of a series is generally an ok sort, I expect the following books to be better.The thing I liked most about this book was the lead character Montey Greene. I started to like him from the first chapter itself. He was a black African-American, a nigga who people didn't care much about. But he was himself, didn't worry about the people. He had a humorous side to him as well which was interesting. He had a particular liking towards women. Overall the character was quite enjoyable which is why I rated this book 4 or else it would have been a 3.The thing I didn't like about the book was its length & depth of the writing. I think it should have been bigger. At some points I thought the author lacked depth in describing scenarios. At some other points the author just rushed through with it, that parts could have been broadened. It was a good engaging novel and a few more pages and particularly depth would have just made it better. But since this is the debut book for the author I can excuse him for that, the following books of the series should be betterAs I mentioned above its a good engaging novel, but not extraordinary. The story revolves smoothly but without any depth. But its not boring as well. It won't take anyone of the hook but at the same time you won't be disappointed by it as well. Its a good book to be read on a afternoon when you are free from work or looking for a bit relaxation. This book would provide you that and it can be completed reading in a few hours.I am waiting for the second book to be released. I want to complete this whole series.