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The Book Thief - Markus Zusak YOUNG WRITERS BEWARE:If you ever aspire to be a great historical fiction writer then this is a book you should avoid. Not only disappointing, this book is an absolute shit of an historical fiction novel. Please don't judge me by my language as I am not blaming those many who recommended me this book nor do I have any hatred or malicious feelings for the writer. But simply what I am saying is i really don't like it when someone writes historical fiction, he himself has not witnessed, and not only makes his own opinion of it but also tries to alter some of the things his way, his manner. That is exactly what happened with this novel. I don't think so the writer did any proper research into this book or collected good knowledge of the time he was writing about. He, so many times tried to mention the historical facts of the nazi Germany and other things in his now manner and form a particular opinion of it in his self-indulgent writing style. Without going into much detail i would say that this book has insulted the historical fiction genre, of which I am a big fan. Almost every 3Rd of my book is a historical fiction of some kind, and this has to be the worst of all those i have read before. I am not complaining much about the writing style or the story but complaining about the simple basic things you need to know when writing a historical fiction. It clearly suggests how much the standards of historical fiction have gone down in the last decade. If this is the historical fiction people like these days then I have to say I must stop reading contemporary historical fiction or historical fiction written by very young modern day writers. Markus Zusak, even though the worst so far, is not the first modern day writer who has made me feel this about today's young historical fiction writers. It just makes me remind of the Folletts and the Archers and the Brians and the Smiths and a few other writers i have read from the past who just knew the art and the trade to write historical fiction. Historical fiction is one genre which needs the most study and dedication and knowledge and research because you have to mix everything into it without disturbing the setting and the facts of the past. The modern day writers just don't do any hard study into the genre and do poor research and they just lack the skill to write the genre. And the world war and such are easy targets for them, just write something bad about Hitler or Stalin or any other ruler and how the people suffered in their rule. We all know so much about those things having read about it from our school days. They even lack that bite to create their own story in historical fiction. That's why with most of them you read one over rated so called best seller and they disappear from the genre. If they are really good at it they would write more of it like Khaled Housseini. Or take the example of J.K. Rowling from fantasy genre. The fact that she has written so much about that genre suggests that she has a proper knowledge and art about that thing. Those who have read the historical fiction authors from the past I mentioned would know and understand it i would request to those people not to read this. And yes, what was that? What was that which made me read this book? Yes, I got it. That this book is about the power of books to inspire and change many lives. Oh my, publishers! How do you market a book. . .! I think I dislike you even more than the writer. I was deluded. This book is fully about nazi Germany and world war 2. The book thieving and it's power is just a backdrop, hardly much relevant to the main story. In fact it comes only at the very end when the book was already way too overstretched.I think I should stop here only. If I go on i could even end up writing a mini pocket book on things i didn't like in this book. I have given it 2 stars out of sympathy but I really hate it when someone makes a mockery of historical fiction by writing on easy topics like the world war and writing it so poorly and in a self indulgent manner. If you want to write about it, better write documentaries.