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The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks Oh my, what a book this was. So short and so sweet and so emotional.First of all I want to tell to those who have not read this book that don't ever read it if you are not strong enough to face the hard truths of life. Also don't read it if you think that Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey are very good romance novels because then you won't be able to understand the deepness of the meaning of love presented in this novel.The writing was so simple, after just reading a few pages I got involved in it fully and I knew from that moment onwards that I am gonna love this. And so it happened. This was the first book I read fully at a single go, I completed it within few hours. As sunday is a holiday and I like to read long on Saturday nights staying awake, so on saturday as is customary for me I usually go for a mystery/thriller/crime sort of novel. But since the thriller I had chose for this weekend was not that long so I decided to read this book, complete it and then go for the other. But after reading this book I was so overwhelmed by it, I just couldn't think about anything else let alone reading anything else. I still don't have words to describe how good this was, the only complaint I have is that it was too short, not only was I sad that it ended so soon but I would have loved to read it on and on and on...